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Ship Management Controlling & Monitoring


In cooperation with the well-established auditing company and accounting firm “ACUS Klemm and Partner mbB” we regularly carry out controlling and monitoring of shipping companies, this includes commercial, technical and personnel controlling.


Thanks to many years of experience, our team has a broad sound industry expertise in sectors such as nautical- technical matters, running a medium size ship management company,  and auditing processes. This view beyond the horizon enables us to analyse the technical and economic correlation and all its related ship operating costs.


The controlling and monitoring of the contracted ship’s company consists of the regular analysis of the operational management. 


Priority areas are e.g. the assessment of the companies forecasting reliability (budget, target/actual comparison and liquidity), the technical condition of the ship and the organisation and efficiency of the shipping company.


The data for operational management of the company are evaluated as part of a benchmarking exclusively based on transparent statistics by recognized institutions and undergo a target/actual examination by comparing the performance indicators.

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