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Our Team

Our expertise has its roots in many years of experience at sea and ashore.


All Surveyors are experienced Chief Engineers or Captains and have sailed on many types of merchant vessels. 


They have been in various positions ashore like Superintendent, Technical Director and Managing Director of global ship management companies.


In other words, we know both sides, we have comprehensive experience with the operational specifics of all types of merchant vessels and we are also well familiar with the management perspective.


Our Senior Surveyors, also Captains or Chief Engineers, have more than 35 years experience working as nautical/technical Surveyors and Consultants for banks, shipping- and insurance companies as well as ship financing institutions. 


Honesty, integrity and professionalism in our business-like approach to decision making, as well as the drive for continued improvement of our services are assured.

  • Peter Merkel

Peter Merkel

Graduate Marine Engineer (FH)

Lennart Lühn_edited.jpg

Lennart Lühn



Jure Kutlesa

Graduate Marine Engineer

VR B&W.jpg

Vytautas Rimeika

Graduate Marine Engineer


Kalr-Heinz Lützen


UWE B&W.jpg

Uwe Kühn


Bild 2_Fotor.jpg

Hubert Fork



Frauke Garbers-Bückmann

Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers


Michael Kühn


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